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EV Charger Installers Burnley, Lancashire by RGEI Ltd

Over the last 10 years, the popularity of electrical vehicles has grown dramatically. According to one government record, in 2010 there were only 138 electric cars registered. In 2018 this number had grown to 59,945 electrical vehicles. By September 2020, this has grown to 339,300 plug in cars, 10,300 plug in vans and 33,850 charging stations throughout the UK. Owning an electric vehicle is the future and with RGEI LTD, we can bring the future to your home with your own electric vehicle charging station. 

We specialise in the installation of any EV charging stations at any domestic or commercial properties in Lancashire. The added advantage of having your own charging station is that it can be connected to any renewable energy source that you have - such as solar panels - and this can further help to reduce your energy bills. In some cases, your car can be refueled for no extra cost!

Over 600 EV charging stations are installed every week. As the popularity of EVs increases, so does the efficiency of the technology that they use. In 2010, a standard EV had a 60kWh battery that would take 12 hours or more to fully charge. Now your car can be fully charged in less than 8 hours - ideal for a day in work or overnight! Furthermore, EV technology is evolving at an increasing rate meaning that in the next 10 years, electric vehicles are going to be much more efficient than regular vehicles. 

At RGEI Ltd, we can provide our expert advice on what type of charging station would best suit your electric vehicle. We can install and maintain any EV charging station on your property in Lancashire and we can also connect it to any other renewable energy source that you may have. To find out more about the electric vehicle charging station services that we offer, call us today on 07521018350 or send us a message through our contact page.

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