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Commercial Electrician in Burnley, Lancashire

The electrical appliances and equipment in your place of business is vital to the running and to the success of your company. Electrical appliances are used for everything from your heating to your lighting to your security. At RGEI Ltd, we can complete any electrical installations or repairs in your commercial property to help your business to run as smoothly and as cost-effectively as possible. 

Shop and Office Fitting in Lancashire

No matter whether your business is building a new property or if you are renovating an existing structure, a professional electrician will be required to undertake all of your electrical work. We can complete any shop or office fittings that you need, from wiring the property to installing sockets and light fixtures. We can also provide our expert advice on how best to position your appliances and equipment to make the most of your building’s size and shape.

Containment in Lancashire

There is nothing worse than being able to see all of the electrical wiring in a property. Not only is it highly unattractive, but it also presents a very serious health and safety hazard. At RGEI Ltd, we can undertake all containment work in order to make sure that the wiring in your property is secure and hidden from sight. We also make sure that the wiring is still easily accessible for any future maintenance work that may be required.

Fire, Smoke and Heat Alarms in Lancashire

Ensuring the safety of any customers or staff is your number one priority and responsibility as a commercial property owner. Having a working fire alarm system is a legal requirement and your system should be regularly checked in order to ensure that it is working properly. At RGEI Ltd, we can install any fire, smoke and heat alarm systems in your property and perform regular maintenance and tests on them if required. 

Emergency Lighting in Lancashire

In the event of an emergency such as a fire, you will need to make sure that you have working emergency lighting in order to help any customers and staff find the exits to the building. Similar to fire alarms, these are a legal requirement and should be regularly checked. Emergency lighting runs on a separate power supply from the rest of the electrical appliances in your property and must be installed, and tested yearly, by a qualified electrician.

CCTV in Lancashire

CCTV is an excellent way of maintaining the safety of your customers, staff and your business. CCTV offers constant video surveillance of the interior and exterior of your property, making sure that any potential criminals are recorded in the act. Having CCTV also helps to deter any criminal acts in the first place.

Security Alarms in Lancashire

Similar to your CCTV, security alarms offer a greater level of safety to your customers, staff and your business. Whether you are in need of door alarms to stop any unauthorised access or proximity alarms to detect any potentially stolen goods, RGEI Ltd can install and test any alarm system in your commercial property.

LED Lighting Upgrades in Lancashire

By upgrading your old fluorescent or incandescent lighting systems into LED Lighting, you can help to increase the efficiency of your lighting systems. Furthermore, LED lighting helps to make your property look more modern and it also helps to reduce the cost of your energy bills. LED lighting is up to 80% more efficient than traditional bulbs!

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